2 Day School - Sat & Sun $695


This is our most comprehensive instruction on the game of golf and offers participants the opportunity to explore every aspect of the game.

The school includes practice on short and long irons, driver and fairway woods, a personalized video swing analysis in our state-of-the-art teaching studio, and instruction with the Trackman launch Monitor.

Trackman and V1 Swing Analysis golf improvement software is used throughout the class to give our instructors an accurate evaluation. Our personalized putting instruction helps our golf instructors pinpoint the key aspects of their students’ putting skills that require reinforcement or correction.

Our low 4 to 1 student to teacher ratio allows our PGA instructors to pay close attention to your individual needs.




8:30 am Welcome/Introduction 8:30 am Saturday Review
9:00 am Full Swing/Video Analysis 8:45 am Full Swing
10:30 am Chipping/Pitching 10:00 am Short Game Review/Strategies
12:00 pm Lunch 11:00 am Ball Flight/Uneven Lies
1:15 pm Full Swing/Video Analysis 12:00 pm Lunch
2:15 pm Putting/Green Reading 1:15 pm On Course
3:15 pm Bunker 3:00 pm Full Swing Review
4:30 pm Conclusion 3:45 pm Close and Review/Conclusion


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For more information or to enroll in this school, call 281-440-1308.